Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Grace

A year has come and gone. It was full of growth spurts, lessons and trial and errors. As I once did, Christianne
consults the book, "What to expect in the first year".
Month by month we check the appropriate chapter to see
what will be happening next.
I've never seen a book about year two, so I guess we're on
our own.
One thing we've learned is that as soon as you buy the
"must have" equipment, they have out grown it. Note to self,
"hang on to it for baby #2". This stuff is expensive!
I'm glad that Christianne resisted the Williams-Sonoma baby
food processor-$165. not including the fancy food storage containers.
I bought a couple of books with recipes for babies and
Sarah and I spent time pureeing and freezing food for
Right now she is fond of peas, peaches, bananas, turkey and
chicken. The organic veggie bowtie pasta I bought and cooked
got tossed overboard which thrilled Rocky.
Grace has taken a few steps on her own, so it it only a matter of time until we are on the
"chasing after Grace" weight loss plan!
Stay tuned for adventures of year Two.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Never will a time come when the most

marvelous recent invention is as marvelous

as a newborn baby.

-carl sandburg

My new job!

This past week, Christianne started her new career in Real Estate and I was happy to help take care of Grace. It was great to just be the Grandma! A baby at three months is full of genuine smiles, a new language and little squeeks of joy. I look forward to the two days a week I will have her to myself. Her needs are simple, to be fed and to be loved. I have a feeling that she will give me so much more in return!

A new Christmas angel!

Our holiday season was enhanced this year by the addition of Grace to our family. Here she is with her Aunt Sarah who informed us that she had "first dibs" on the baby since she was only home for a few days! As always, the retailers were out for every available dollar to be had by new parents and grandparents. Yes, I did make a last minute run to Babies R Us Christmas Eve, morning for "one more thing". But, I wasn't the only one. The checkout lines kept us captive and lured us with bins of "first Christmas" ornaments. If you can believe this, one ornament was for the "new mom and baby" not even born yet! It was a clay like torso with a baby bump!
Christianne, Brian and Grace also spent New Year's Eve. with us and a few friends. Not wanting to miss any of the excitement, she was still awake when the ball dropped. I fear she may be a party girl like her mother!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Thanksgiving with Grace

We feasted at Chris and Brian's yesterday. The meal was fabulous thanks to all of the cooks who contributed. Grace was dressed in a matching sweater and dress and had no idea why her house was suddenly the hub of activity.

The reality of having Thanksgiving with a new baby is that one person at the table holds and gives the baby a bottle and eats later.

Christianne planned ahead for a freezer full of bottles which allowed all of us to take turns and and for Chris to enjoy a glass or two of wine...well earned!

Thinking ahead to the next holiday, I did this new portrait of Grace wrapped in a red cape with white fur trim. She's a very good sport about this as long as her mother is nearby to coo at her.

We're thankful for family, friends and the the new baby at the table this year!

Friday, October 31, 2008

There's a first time for everything!

Today was Grace's First Halloween! She wore a Gymboree designed Onesie with a friendly ghost and BOO embroidered on the front. This was a week of firsts....first time to squirt breast milk through her nose and her first case of baby Acne. Life is full of challenges even at four weeks old. Soon you'll find me shopping at Hallmark for a Baby's First Christmas ornament. We grandma's are suckers for those things. Stay tuned for more "firsts"!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It will take a while to grow into this tutu!

Mama said there would be days like this....

Some days we just need more hugs. It's not about filling the belly and endless diaper changes.
This was a textbook day in the life of a two week old infant. A day that no matter what you do, she won't nap and can't be consolled for any lenght of time. I remember those days.
Today the baby's mom needed hugs to. She wonders if she's doing something wrong. After consulting a book about interpreting a baby's cries, (yes there is one...also on DVD) all possible cures were tried.
I told Christianne that some days you'll sit with Grace and look at the work you want to get done, and it just isn't going to happen. After another nursing session by mom and dinner for the two of us by me and the magic of the swing, she was finally sound asleep.
The laundry, dusting and mopping will wait...Grace needed more mom time, and she got it!
Nothing is wrong about that!

Baby Shower nightmare!

This is for you expectant moms and those planning baby showers. This video is a hoot!
Somehow, now that I am a grandma, my emails come from any and all baby related businesses.
This is the latest, and I had to share it.

I'm off to see Grace today!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008